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Download Tello Talk Pakistani Messenger App 2020

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Telecom - Pakistan Voice Calls, Video Calls, Live and On Demand TV Channels, Pakistan's Own Free Chat, Pakistan Live Radio, Stories, Position Builders, Hidden Conversations, Indigenous Stickers and Business Services, Regional Languages ​​Pakistani and Pakistani Music (Such as Urdu, Sindhi, Pashto, Punjabi, Sarki), Pakistani sports and news.

* Free calls and video calls

Make free voice and video calls now and chat with anyone in the world on Teltalk. Voice and video chat over Wi-Fi is absolutely free, although standard mobile operator data rates may apply to any communication over LTE / 3G / 4G networks.

* Music deprivation

Telecom is proud to offer Pakistan's first free live music radio in its messaging app.

* Live news and information

Instantly watch and share the latest news from all over Pakistan.

* Native stickers

Really tell me what you want to say about the best and unique collection of Pakistan Stickers which includes Islamic Stickers, Love Stickers, Friendship Stickers, Enthusiasts And Memes, And Celebrations And Festivals Like Eid, Ramadan, Independence Day etc. ۔

* Hide conversation

Telecom Messenger also improves your level of privacy and gives you the ability to select chats that can be instantly hidden.

* Live on TV and on demand

Telecoat allows you to connect directly to your favorite Hum TV, live news (such as Hum News) from your favorite messenger.

* Islamic content

Integrated Islamic services such as Qibla direction seekers, Qibla prayer premises, and mosque seekers and locators. It also features live Mecca TV, Iqra, Sindhi and Pashto Quran translations, and live Medina TV.

* Edit and cancel message sending

You can now send chat messages and edit them even after handing them over to an unwanted recipient.

* Mobile games

Play exciting and addictive mobile games with your messenger. Enjoy an amazing and exciting arcade gaming experience without sacrificing your phone's precious storage memory.

* Stories

Create stories and situations to share with friends and all Talal users. Stories can be fully multimedia with custom filters, languages ​​and stickers.


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Ehssas Nadra Gov And Complaints Pass Gov Pk 2020

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 Este es un programa asistente completo para postularse al programa EHSA (Guía) tanto en inglés como en urdu.

Este programa le brinda un ingreso mensual de 12,000 calificaciones. Este proveedor de la aplicación ha registrado el proceso por usted y le proporciona información detallada sobre su pedido. Esta es la mejor aplicación para los pobres.


• Registre su aplicación.

• Verifique la ubicación en detalle.

• Solicite el proceso de registro mediante mensaje de texto

• Procedimientos para registrar su solicitud en el sitio web.

Ehsa es una de las mejores aplicaciones de lanzamiento en abril de 2020. Esta aplicación proporciona información 100% precisa. La solicitud se puede enviar utilizando esta solicitud.

Esta aplicación está diseñada para ayudar a las personas pobres y necesitadas que necesitan dinero en esta situación. Pero algunas reglas requieren un reembolso.

este programa

Programa de Punjab Punjab

• Programa KPK Essa

• Programa de bonos

Programa Al-Ahsa en Baluchistán

• Programa AJK Sense

• Programa Gilgit Stena Al-Ahsa

• Programa Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Al-Ahsa

Este programa es todo el territorio de Pakistán. No todas las reglas tienen reglas especiales.

What is e-Pay Punjab?

E-Pay is the first public sector in Pakistan to collect digital payments from the government (P2G) and business to government (B2G).

With EPE Punjab, fees can be paid through the following four payment channels.

Mobile banking

Internet banking


OTC banking transactions (OTC)

The solution is to follow the directions and directives of the Finance Department. Developed by the Department (PITB). On the other hand, it is integrated with the National Bank of Pakistan (SBP) and is a link for interaction through the Pakistani banking network.

Payment process and channel

To pay the tax, one has to access the e-Pay Punjab website or app to generate a 17-digit PSID number. The unique PSID number for each transaction can later be used by citizens through the above four payment channels, namely mobile banking, internet banking, ATMs or at the counter to pay tax fees.

Currently, electronic payment can be used to pay the following tax revenues:

Taxes and excise duties

Tax on vehicle tokens

Motor vehicle registration

H Delivery of the vehicle

Property tax

Professional tax

Cotton fees

Board of Revenue (BOR)


Utation conversion fee

Ard fard rate

Punjab Revenue Board (PRA)

Services Tax on sales of services

• Punjab's infrastructure development is stagnant


Cial commercial registration fees

Punjab Department of Transportation

Route rights

Punjab Police

Invoice traffic

Tax details

Vehicle Token Tax - An annual tax paid by motor vehicle owners.

Motor Vehicle Registration - A one-time fee paid by the buyer of a car

When buying a vehicle.

Vehicle Transfer - A fee is paid to transfer to the new owner of the vehicle.

Property Tax - An annual tax paid by city owners.

Labor Tax: The tax that an active professional pays annually on his profession.

Cotton Tax: Applies to pure cotton delivered to a ginning plant.

Electronic Stamping: Payment of Stamps for Judicial, Illegal, CVT, Registry and Comparative Fees.

Conversion Fee - A fee paid by the buyer when the property is transferred to the new owner.

Ford Fee - A fee paid by the property owner for the issuance of the title to the property.

Service Sales Tax - A tax that is levied on service businesses in the state of Punjab.

Punjab Infrastructure Development Tax: A charge that is levied on the manufacture, production or consumption, import or export of goods from Punjab.

Business Registration Fee - A fee paid by the employer to register their business.

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copmlaint pass gov pk

Route Authentication - Commercial vehicle owners charge a fee for designating / authorizing certain routes for travel between cities.

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ehssas nadra gov pak

Traffic bills: Traffic bills are penalized for traffic violations.

Download eps - ePAKsurvey App 2020

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10th Class Result 2020 || Matric Result 2020 || All Bords Matric Result 2020

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Getting an exam result is extremely important as it is the most important part of your academic life. At we understand your concerns and concerns about your upcoming earnings announcement. People, this is the application of the test result on which the whole country trusts. We bring you the latest Grade 10 scores for 2020 for all BISE in Pakistan for all students pursuing their 2020 degree. He worked hard in his examination and patiently waited for that date. But the time has come and we wish him all the best and we think he will get some good numbers in the final Test. This app contains all grades of all students of all levels that appear on any board in Pakistan. Apart from all the high school diploma results and SSC results, you can also find the 9th class 2020 results which will be easily available in this app .

 With just a few clicks, you can easily find the required data. This app was developed with students in mind. Therefore, soon after checking the exam diary, you can search for the following admission options, you can find the status holder information, and you can find the following open admissions in any university in Pakistan. You can also look at all the merit lists which can help you understand your potential for admission in a particular college or university. PEC results for grades 8 and 5 2020 are scheduled to be announced on March 31, 2020 and this app will also announce these results for all Punjab resident students who showed for the exam. The result will be available online in this result app. Good luck to all of you. Yes. It is the most popular result app in Pakistan, it provides you the latest results for all annual and supplementary results of all boards and all examinations in Pakistan. We provide you with the history of all board exams in Pakistan as well as the list of holders of the status of each exam. Latest score for 2020 For 10 scores, this is a must have app that brings you the latest result of 10 ton board instantly at your fingertips. Enjoy this application and have fun. You will also find many other helpful resources to help you in your studies. Are you looking at the FSC 2019 part two results? Here is the most popular result app in Pakistan which provides you the latest results of HSSC exams and the second half of 2017. We present to you the latest results of the second year FA and FSC of 2020 from all boards including Lahore, Board of Directors results, Gujranwala Board FSC and Multan Board. And Bahawalpur for Bhagalpur 2. ICS score will also be shown in this best result app of Pakistan. Welcome to Pakistan's leading 2020 exam result app. This is a recently revised and improved result app. This app ensures that you get the results of all the tests quickly and quickly. This app covers the exam results for the year 2020 for 10th and 9th grade. Apart from this, you can get the latest updates about BS / BS Result, NTS Result, Work Result, DAE Exam Result and all other performance announcements in Pakistan. Feel free to download the application and try the clean interface. We also make sure you don't get bombarded with too many advertisements everywhere, which means we use very few in-app ads. The main educational site ilmkidunya in Pakistan now provides the results of all educational and technical councils, colleges and universities on your mobile phone. In addition, ilmkidunya also uploads 2020 results for various types of exams, such as entrance exam results and competitive exams 2020. The following results can be obtained using this application: 1. Results of the first part of the Matriculation Program 2020 (Chapters 9 and 10) 2. General Results 2020 (Grades 11 & 12) 3. Graduation results for the year 2020 (all universities include Punjab University) 4. CSS Results from FPSC 5. NTS 2020 Results 6. Basic Education Center's fifth and eighth grade results 7. More Download This semester results app is updated regularly and can be easily accessed from the search results pages. Thank you for setting up. For any issues or bugs, please share your email to the developer email address.

We'll be back soon! Prisoners promise to escape from prison

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We'll be back soon! Prisoners promise to escape from prison

Italian media has reported a unique case of escape of prisoners. According to the report, two prisoners escaped from Rabbia Jail and left a letter in which they explained the reason for their escape and promised that they would return soon.

On the night of June 2, two cousins, 40-year-old Zukanovic and 46-year-old Lil Ahmitovic, who were being held in Rome's Rabbia prison, broke the window of their cell and escaped.

After breaking the window of the room, they went down with a pipe and crossed the courtyard and then cut the barbed wire of the wall with a wire cutter and went out. The strangest thing about this escape is the letter from his cell. In the letter, the two explained that they were going to solve their domestic problem and would return in 15 days.

In a letter to prison staff, the two inmates said they wanted to save their children from the evil in which they themselves were trapped.

He added that he could do it himself as his wives were also in jail. At the end of the letter, they both wrote that they would return immediately after finishing their work and present themselves for court proceedings. Will do

There is no doubt about the authenticity of this letter from the Italian police as it was found in the cell of the escaped prisoners and also has their fingerprints on it.
However, police are skeptical of their promise to return.
The sentences of both prisoners will expire at the end of 2029. Both are serving sentences for fraud and buying stolen goods. If they return as promised, they will face up to five more years in prison. That makes it difficult for them to return voluntarily.

The man who kissed people and treated Covid-19 died of corona

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The man who kissed people and treated Covid-19 died of corona

A man who claimed that he could cure all diseases, including covid-19, by kissing people's hands, has died. The cause of his death was corona virus.

A man named Aslam from the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh claimed that he could cure all the diseases of the people by kissing their hands. Unfortunately, Aslam's amazing treatment did not work against the corona virus.

He was diagnosed with corona on June 3 and died the next day. After Aslam's death, his followers have also started coming forward. It is learned that kissing Aslam's hands did not cure people's corona but it is necessary to spread corona among many people.
Upon hearing the news of Corona's diagnosis in Aslam, local authorities began searching for all those who had benefited from his services.

Of the 40 people tested, 20 were infected with corona. On June 9, there were 24 cases of corona in Ratlam. Thirteen of them were in close contact with Aslam. Seven members of Aslam's family were also affected by Corona.
Indian officials say they have identified 29 more so-called spiritual figures who are spreading Corona in the name of healing.

The reality of the viral image of a human-sized bat

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The reality of the viral image of a human-sized bat

A picture of a giant bat is going viral on Twitter these days. The photo went viral on Reddit two years ago today. This photo, made in the Philippines, shows a giant human-sized bat. The photo has been going viral on Twitter since last month.

The Twitter user wrote in the description of this picture that I told you that there are bats of human size in the Philippines, I was talking about them.

While some users on social media platforms have expressed surprise over the photo, many users have also expressed their doubts about it. However, this photo is not fake.

According to the fact-checking website Snoops, the animal in the picture belongs to this world. It is actually a species of bat, called the Great Golden Crown Flying Fox.

It is also known as the Golden Cape Fruit Bat. This type of bat is found only in the Philippines. The wingspan of this bat can be up to 5.5 feet but its body is only 1 foot high. Due to its size, it is slightly larger than ordinary bats, but it cannot be called a human-sized bat. However, its images can be taken from some of the angles that make it look like a human body.
A Twitter user for the Philippines has confirmed that the wingspan of this bat is quite high, but its size is by no means equal to that of a human.
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