We’ll be back soon! Prisoners promise to escape from prison

We'll be back soon! Prisoners promise to escape from prison
Italian media has reported a unique case of escape of prisoners. According to the report, two prisoners escaped from Rabbia Jail and left a letter in which they explained the reason for their escape and promised that they would return soon.
On the night of June 2, two cousins, 40-year-old Zukanovic and 46-year-old Lil Ahmitovic, who were being held in Rome’s Rabbia prison, broke the window of their cell and escaped.
After breaking the window of the room, they went down with a pipe and crossed the courtyard and then cut the barbed wire of the wall with a wire cutter and went out. The strangest thing about this escape is the letter from his cell. In the letter, the two explained that they were going to solve their domestic problem and would return in 15 days.
In a letter to prison staff, the two inmates said they wanted to save their children from the evil in which they themselves were trapped.
He added that he could do it himself as his wives were also in jail. At the end of the letter, they both wrote that they would return immediately after finishing their work and present themselves for court proceedings. Will do
There is no doubt about the authenticity of this letter from the Italian police as it was found in the cell of the escaped prisoners and also has their fingerprints on it.
However, police are skeptical of their promise to return.
The sentences of both prisoners will expire at the end of 2029. Both are serving sentences for fraud and buying stolen goods. If they return as promised, they will face up to five more years in prison. That makes it difficult for them to return voluntarily.

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