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The man who kissed people and treated Covid-19 died of corona

Thursday, 23 July 2020

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The man who kissed people and treated Covid-19 died of corona

A man who claimed that he could cure all diseases, including covid-19, by kissing people's hands, has died. The cause of his death was corona virus.

A man named Aslam from the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh claimed that he could cure all the diseases of the people by kissing their hands. Unfortunately, Aslam's amazing treatment did not work against the corona virus.

He was diagnosed with corona on June 3 and died the next day. After Aslam's death, his followers have also started coming forward. It is learned that kissing Aslam's hands did not cure people's corona but it is necessary to spread corona among many people.
Upon hearing the news of Corona's diagnosis in Aslam, local authorities began searching for all those who had benefited from his services.

Of the 40 people tested, 20 were infected with corona. On June 9, there were 24 cases of corona in Ratlam. Thirteen of them were in close contact with Aslam. Seven members of Aslam's family were also affected by Corona.
Indian officials say they have identified 29 more so-called spiritual figures who are spreading Corona in the name of healing.

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