Ehssas Nadra Gov And Complaints Pass Gov Pk 2020


 Este es un programa asistente completo para postularse al programa EHSA (Guía) tanto en inglés como en urdu.

Este programa le brinda un ingreso mensual de 12,000 calificaciones. Este proveedor de la aplicación ha registrado el proceso por usted y le proporciona información detallada sobre su pedido. Esta es la mejor aplicación para los pobres.


• Registre su aplicación.

• Verifique la ubicación en detalle.

• Solicite el proceso de registro mediante mensaje de texto

• Procedimientos para registrar su solicitud en el sitio web.

Ehsa es una de las mejores aplicaciones de lanzamiento en abril de 2020. Esta aplicación proporciona información 100% precisa. La solicitud se puede enviar utilizando esta solicitud.

Esta aplicación está diseñada para ayudar a las personas pobres y necesitadas que necesitan dinero en esta situación. Pero algunas reglas requieren un reembolso.

este programa

Programa de Punjab Punjab

• Programa KPK Essa

• Programa de bonos

Programa Al-Ahsa en Baluchistán

• Programa AJK Sense

• Programa Gilgit Stena Al-Ahsa

• Programa Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Al-Ahsa

Este programa es todo el territorio de Pakistán. No todas las reglas tienen reglas especiales.

What is e-Pay Punjab?

E-Pay is the first public sector in Pakistan to collect digital payments from the government (P2G) and business to government (B2G).

With EPE Punjab, fees can be paid through the following four payment channels.

Mobile banking

Internet banking


OTC banking transactions (OTC)

The solution is to follow the directions and directives of the Finance Department. Developed by the Department (PITB). On the other hand, it is integrated with the National Bank of Pakistan (SBP) and is a link for interaction through the Pakistani banking network.

Payment process and channel

To pay the tax, one has to access the e-Pay Punjab website or app to generate a 17-digit PSID number. The unique PSID number for each transaction can later be used by citizens through the above four payment channels, namely mobile banking, internet banking, ATMs or at the counter to pay tax fees.

Currently, electronic payment can be used to pay the following tax revenues:

Taxes and excise duties

Tax on vehicle tokens

Motor vehicle registration

H Delivery of the vehicle

Property tax

Professional tax

Cotton fees

Board of Revenue (BOR)


Utation conversion fee

Ard fard rate

Punjab Revenue Board (PRA)

Services Tax on sales of services

• Punjab’s infrastructure development is stagnant


Cial commercial registration fees

Punjab Department of Transportation

Route rights

Punjab Police

Invoice traffic

Tax details

Vehicle Token Tax – An annual tax paid by motor vehicle owners.

Motor Vehicle Registration – A one-time fee paid by the buyer of a car


When buying a vehicle.

Vehicle Transfer – A fee is paid to transfer to the new owner of the vehicle.

Property Tax – An annual tax paid by city owners.

Labor Tax: The tax that an active professional pays annually on his profession.

Cotton Tax: Applies to pure cotton delivered to a ginning plant.

Electronic Stamping: Payment of Stamps for Judicial, Illegal, CVT, Registry and Comparative Fees.

Conversion Fee – A fee paid by the buyer when the property is transferred to the new owner.

Ford Fee – A fee paid by the property owner for the issuance of the title to the property.

Service Sales Tax – A tax that is levied on service businesses in the state of Punjab.

Punjab Infrastructure Development Tax: A charge that is levied on the manufacture, production or consumption, import or export of goods from Punjab.

Business Registration Fee – A fee paid by the employer to register their business.

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copmlaint pass gov pk

Route Authentication – Commercial vehicle owners charge a fee for designating / authorizing certain routes for travel between cities.

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ehssas nadra gov pak

Traffic bills: Traffic bills are penalized for traffic violations.


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