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Telecom – Pakistan Voice Calls, Video Calls, Live and On Demand TV Channels, Pakistan’s Own Free Chat, Pakistan Live Radio, Stories, Position Builders, Hidden Conversations, Indigenous Stickers and Business Services, Regional Languages ​​Pakistani and Pakistani Music (Such as Urdu, Sindhi, Pashto, Punjabi, Sarki), Pakistani sports and news.

* Free calls and video calls

Make free voice and video calls now and chat with anyone in the world on Teltalk. Voice and video chat over Wi-Fi is absolutely free, although standard mobile operator data rates may apply to any communication over LTE / 3G / 4G networks.

* Music deprivation

Telecom is proud to offer Pakistan’s first free live music radio in its messaging app.

* Live news and information

Instantly watch and share the latest news from all over Pakistan.

* Native stickers

Really tell me what you want to say about the best and unique collection of Pakistan Stickers which includes Islamic Stickers, Love Stickers, Friendship Stickers, Enthusiasts And Memes, And Celebrations And Festivals Like Eid, Ramadan, Independence Day etc. ۔

* Hide conversation

Telecom Messenger also improves your level of privacy and gives you the ability to select chats that can be instantly hidden.


* Live on TV and on demand

Telecoat allows you to connect directly to your favorite Hum TV, live news (such as Hum News) from your favorite messenger.

* Islamic content

Integrated Islamic services such as Qibla direction seekers, Qibla prayer premises, and mosque seekers and locators. It also features live Mecca TV, Iqra, Sindhi and Pashto Quran translations, and live Medina TV.

* Edit and cancel message sending

You can now send chat messages and edit them even after handing them over to an unwanted recipient.

* Mobile games

Play exciting and addictive mobile games with your messenger. Enjoy an amazing and exciting arcade gaming experience without sacrificing your phone’s precious storage memory.

* Stories

Create stories and situations to share with friends and all Talal users. Stories can be fully multimedia with custom filters, languages ​​and stickers.


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